Auto DM’s on Twitter? Meet my Unfollow button.


This is a post I had recently uploaded to the content site, Medium. 

Firstly I’d like to say here that I’m an avid Twitter fan and user. My account @Guillin has over 59,000 tweets and rising. While other people on there like to be picky with who they follow, I enjoy having a fast timeline. Don’t get me wrong, I have a prune every now and again but otherwise it remains free-flowing. There are however one set of users on there who get an automatic unfollow. The auto-DM brigade

Sending me an auto DM will make me NOT want to view your site!

I can’t stress the above more clearly! As a gamer/tech enthusiast I have a lot of people follow me who have similar interests, this however causes the wannabe “internet famous” to use automation programmes to follow you. What I tend to do next is i will check their feed and if they actually interact with others I will follow back. Problem solved? Not really.

What you normally find is that when you follow one of these accounts you will normally get an Auto DM (direct mention), asking you to follow/subscribe to their channel.

This really irks me, as I want to communicate with people. If you have the courtesy to strike up a conversation with me and than ask me to view your YouTube channel or Twitch stream then I’ll be more inclined to do so. Sending an automatic DM will just cause me to unfollow.

If you use this strategy on Twitter then have a rethink. Trust me, I’m not alone in this.


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