Legion – What’s worked

   Legion, its petty hard to ignore that Blizzard’s latest expansion for their ever popular MMO World of Warcraft helped stabilised the rot after the disaster that was Warlords of Draenor. I must admit, when Legion was announced I was a bit unsure of what to expect. We had heard that Blizzard were going to do X and Y but then we had heard that before, this time around they didn’t disappoint. It’s not a perfect expansion by any stretch of the imagination but it’s the closest it’s been (enjoyment wise) since the TBC/Wrath era. In this article I will discuss what I think has gone well with a follow-up article on what could have gone better.

(Please note this was written before patch 7.1.5)

The Good

  1. Zones that levelled with you.


When I first heard about this I was wary. I was a big fan of Rift’s “Mentor System” but instead of you moving down to the zone, the zone was going to move up to you. I wasn’t sure if Blizzard would get the balance right between character power and mob health/damage. Thankfully they knocked it out of the park.

It doesn’t matter which zone you start in, you will never outpace any zone until you start getting items at level 110. It’s fluid so you don’t even know it’s there. It doesn’t matter if you’re level 101 or 109, you feel like you should be questing in that zone and not trying to frantically find the breadcrumb to take you to the next zone.

I would love Blizzard to incorporate this technology into the older zones (Vanilla zones scale to level 60, TBC to 70, Wrath to 80, Cata to 85, Mists to 90, Legion to 100), but whether or not the development time would justify such development would be hard to see.

2.      Demon Hunters.


From Vanilla all the way up to the Legion pre-patch I have had one main, my trusty mage. He’s been through thick and thin (from levelling to 60 in vanilla as fire (blackout spec for the win), to falling asleep during a Kael’thas progression kill in TBC (that’s another story), he’s been through it all and has seen a lot.

I had pre-ordered Legion and thus received the early access to the new Demon Hunter class, and from there I haven’t looked back. I just love the way they play. From always being on the move to just their general style, it’s the melee class I didn’t know I needed, but now can not play anything else. As with any new class, they get a bad press sometimes but you know what? I couldn’t care less as I really enjoy it.

Mages may have teleportation spells but nothing is more fun then double jumping and gliding.

3.   Artifact Weapons


This could have gone either way. One one hand the idea of just having one weapon through the entire expansion could have easily had turned into utter boredom. In previous expansions (especially the ones back in the past), there was something about getting that shiny new staff that would make killing that boss for the 36th time worthwhile. The way artifacts have different skins and the way artifact works, makes them a sound investment for any character. Artifact Power though? That’s a mixed bag and will appear on both sides of the debate.

4.   Artifact Power


It’s only right that we talk about artifact power right after artifact weapons right? The ability to learn extra talents/increase your power by doing world quests and by killing bosses in dungeons/raids. For those who like to focus on a single character this has been a great addition in my opinion. You can always improve your weapon, even if you don’t raid you can keep going. This isn’t always a blessing though, especially for those who enjoy having multiple characters. (More on this on the next post).

5.   Storytelling


Every single expansion this gets stronger. The stories become more gripping, the involvement and buy-in becomes more intense. If anyone has any doubts on this all I will do is direct you to the Ysera storyline in Val’sharah.

6.   Mob Tagging


This is also a double-edged sword, but in this post I will talk about the positives. Remember back in the days when you would have to kill 10 of those pesky kobolds and then their leader? Or collect 10 Murloc skins and then their head honcho “Murklglglg” would be the follow-up quest? Remember having to wait for respawns because that annoying gnome warlock got their first with their dot?

For the most part this has been made a much more pleasant experience. Nowadays if a mob that you need to kill has already been tagged by someone on the same faction (and even opposite faction if it’s a Warden elite) you can jump in and get credit for the kill. I’ve lost count of the amount of times that I have entered a world quest zone, threw my glaive at the mob and viola dead member of the Legion and a WQ completed for me.

7.    World Quests


Without a doubt, my favourite part of the expansion so far. As someone who hasn’t raided since Cataclysm and who really dislikes the whole Mythic Dungeon idea, I find World Quests to be the bulk of my content. One thing I really enjoyed from the pre-Cataclysm world was the fact that quests would take you from one side of Azeroth to the other. The whole adventuring across the world was awesome to me.

Since then though things have got a while lot more linear. The majority of quests are in the same zone which has made things a bit… Not boring, but the sense of adventure hasn’t been there. Thankfully this changed in Legion with the introduction of World Quests, where using an add-on like World Quests List, I just go down the….well…list (surprising with an addon name like that!), flying from zone to zone and completing quests before shooting off to the next one. Is it the most efficient way to quest? Absolutely not. Does it engage me more than any other way? 100% and that’s why I do it.

This was all about what I’ve enjoyed in Legion. The next one will be what hasn’t quite worked as well from my own point of view. Stay tuned.



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