Legion – What Hasn’t Quite Worked

Yesterday I covered what I thought Blizzard had done well in their latest WoW expansion, Legion. Today I shall be going the other way and covering what I feel has not gone too well. You may notice that there will be some overlaps with things that have gone well, but that’s with very good reasons (Well I think so anyway)

(Please note that this was written prior to 7.1.5 launching. I don’t believe there have been any changes that would affect any of these. Feel free to let me know if there has been.)

  1. Artifact Power


Let’s start with the big one, the elephant in the room. Whilst for single character players this is the greatest thing since sliced bread (who doesn’t like sliced bread!), for those who enjoy their alts this has caused endless frustration. Whilst in the past you could quickly get up to speed, nowadays you have to grind Artifact Knowledge. Even with 7.1.5 and the ability to by Artifact Knowledge levels it’s still going to be a grind, albeit a less painful one. Time will tell if this will be enough or will extra measures be required.

Another frustration is that the artifact knowledge can’t be pooled or reset to jump from spec to spec. I understand the Blizzard want people to invest in a spec, but you should be able to switch your power for a cost (like the talent respecs of old).

2.   Quests hidden behind mythics


This is going to sound like a QQ from a “filthy casual” but I do not like this at all. Having numerous quests that require mythic difficulty dungeons is an awful design. These have been clogging up my quest log for so long now. If random/profession quests are going to be in mythic dungeons then mythic dungeons should be available through the LFG feature (Only standard mythics, the +1 etc versions should carry on as they are).

From what I understand there are also some quests locked behind rated battlegrounds for professions. This should NEVER be the case. Some people don’t like PvP and shouldn’t be forced to participate in that area to get a recipe/pattern.

3.    Professions


I’ve never been a fan of the whole “you can use your professions from level 1 in the new expansion” idea that has been going for the last 2 (or 3?) expansions. I don’t feel that there is much a of a buy in or the feeling that this is “your” profession. I know this won’t happen but I wish they would revert it so that 1-300 is in Azeroth, 301-375 in TBC etc.

As mentioned above, some ranks for certain professions are locked behind mythic dungeons or rated battlegrounds and then there is Nomi… That NPC almost deserves a post of his own, however I do feel that it would mainly contain swear words all the way through so I’ll refrain from that, needless to say that whoever designed him and decided that he would be a good idea, should be made to clean the toilets for the duration of the expansion.

4.     Legendary System


This is definitely the “Marmite” of Legion. You get the legendary that makes your dream spec absolutely amazing and the legendary system is utterly amazing, or you get the legendary that makes you want to give it back to emissary and think “well that was bloody pointless” and the legendary system is a complete waste of time (those who are yet to get a legendary would more than likely be in the boat too).

The fact there is no path to earn them like in previous expansions makes it even more annoying. Relying on RNG to such an extent is very painful for some players. Personally I would much rather have a lengthy quest chain where at the end you get the legendary that’s for your spec. If you want one for another spec, then you have to complete another questchain. Yes this would create a case of inevitability about the whole system, but I do think that something this powerful should have that about it.

5.    Suramar City


An illusion! What are you hiding?”

Just let me put my fist through my computer screen and I’ll show you what I’m hiding. Suramar as a zone is fantastic. Suramar City as an area is the worst area of the expansion. Far too many tough hitting mobs, far too many densely packed elites and far too many illusion/stealth detecting mobs makes it a tedious city to be in.

Which is a shame as the quests there are some of the best in the entire game.

Don’t get me wrong. I think that Legion is the best expansion since Wrath, however that doesn’t mean we can’t criticise certain aspects of it and still enjoy it.



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