My week in gaming

Saying this week has been a quiet week for me is always a good way to start a “what I’ve done this week” post, but nonetheless here it is (because why not do it anyway).

World of Warcraft as per usual has taken centre stage for my gaming attention. As a “casual” player (and that deserves a topic on it’s own soon), I really like what they’ve done to my two main classes (Havoc Demon Hunter and Frost/Arcane Mage). I’m not into all that min/maxing  or PVP nonsense, just plodding around the world, doing old dungeons/raids and gathering stuffs to make gold and the way those two classes play in the outside world is definitely an improvement from previously.

I am considering making a healer though, having two DPS’ers whilst fun can get a little monotonous and require a change to freshen things up. I’m probably going to go druid, because who doesn’t like flight form but we shall see.

Sim City (2013) is one I didn’t forsee myself playing at all until the middle of this week. At the beginning of the week I stumbled across a YouTube series from a user called CONFLICTNERD Dylan on the latest version of the city building game and it peaked my interest again. It’s one of those games where for 95% of the game you don’t have to do much thinking, just build to demand however there will be the odd occasion where your city will throw you a curve ball and next thing you know it’s 2am (which DIDN’T happen, honestly!). The one main thing that annoys me about the game is that as you get further along it seems impossible to keep up with demand unless you build those unsightly megatowers.

And that pretty much sums up my gaming for this week even mobile gaming didn’t get much look in (that should start to change now as I have a new phone, the Mate 9 which is freakin’ awesome), also for myself I’ve stumbled across Cities Skylines which I hope to be trying this week.

In regards to what gaming channels I’ve been watching. On YouTube it’s been dominated by CONFLICTNERD Dylan and on Twitch it’s been the always entertaining Djarri.

Let’s see what this week brings.


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