RIP Laptop (After 2 months?)


Waking up this morning I thought “well I have a few hours before we go out to the zoo for mini’s birthday so I’ll hop on my laptop to check something”. I turn it on and this is the message the greets me.

Checking Media Presence

No Media Present

After that it goes to the bios and the HDD is nowhere to be seen. Now I’m not a laptop tech genius or anything of the sort but even I know that this is not a good sign. Thankfully I got it from Amazon Warehouse so it’s covered with a 2 year support with them. Unfortunately I won’t be able to contact them until tomorrow evening after work.

Thankfully I still have this trust Chromebook so I can prepare for something I have to do on Friday with this. It’s not ideal due to the screen size, but it’ll do that job. I’m hoping that it won’t take too long to fix as it means I’ll also be game-less for the time being but all depends on how efficient Amazon will be.

There are normally pretty good, so fingers crossed.


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