RIP Laptop (After 2 months?)


Waking up this morning I thought “well I have a few hours before we go out to the zoo for mini’s birthday so I’ll hop on my laptop to check something”. I turn it on and this is the message the greets me.

Checking Media Presence

No Media Present

After that it goes to the bios and the HDD is nowhere to be seen. Now I’m not a laptop tech genius or anything of the sort but even I know that this is not a good sign. Thankfully I got it from Amazon Warehouse so it’s covered with a 2 year support with them. Unfortunately I won’t be able to contact them until tomorrow evening after work.

Thankfully I still have this trust Chromebook so I can prepare for something I have to do on Friday with this. It’s not ideal due to the screen size, but it’ll do that job. I’m hoping that it won’t take too long to fix as it means I’ll also be game-less for the time being but all depends on how efficient Amazon will be.

There are normally pretty good, so fingers crossed.


Switching from iPhone SE to Moto X Style. Why it was the best thing for me.

Post I recently made on Medium. Migrating to here.

So a few days ago I had to make the sacrifice that I didn’t want to make. I own an iPhone SE which to me is the best phone to come from Apple. I love the design (I know it’s the iPhone 5/5s design but still) and I love how it works. Recently however I noticed that I would start to get headaches as I used it, and considering the industry that I work in (which I don’t divulge), I need to be on it for a bit chunk of my day. I put these headaches down to the size of the screen. I’m 32 now (still a spring chicken to some) and I’m starting to notice certain things happening with my health. I already wear glasses and it seems like the 4″ screen can no longer serve a function for me.

Disappointed and on a very tight budget, I trundled down to the city centre (I live in Derby) on 30th December and took a look at the trade in stores. Places like Game, CEX and Trade Nation. Knowing I only had a budget of £200 my choices were very slim. In an ideal world I would have loved to grab the Google Pixel or Blackberry Priv but they were obviously no go’s. Even the OnePlus Two was out of my price range by £50.

I had almost given up hope for that day until in Trade Nation I spotted the Moto X Style for £205. It was £5 out of my budget but with a bit of tinkering at home I was sure I could stretch to it. I did some research and read that even though it came out in 2015 it could still hold it’s own. With the screen size being 5.7″ and quality being 1440×2560 with a PPI of 520 I decided to take the plunge and so far I have not been disappointed. I didn’t care about switching operating systems as to be honest I’ve always preferred Android (and I have also been known to venture into Windows Phone and even Blackberry 10).

The strain I was giving myself has all but vanished. Gone are the headaches and the extra tiredness that looked at the iPhone SE caused me. The only grievance I would have is that battery life is below what I would be hoping for, but then I knew that when I purchased it as every review stated as such. Thankfully I have a 21000mAh battery pack so that’s not an issue.

Am I glad I’ve replaced the iPhone SE as my daily driver? Absolutely not. I love that little phone. Am I relieved I’ve replaced? Yes. I’m feeling much better for doing so even if it means my bank will moan at me before I get paid next (can’t sell the SE for a couple of months due to reasons). At the end of the day, health comes first and that’s why I changed.