NO matter the reason, abusing game devs is NEVER okay.



Game Devs. Who would be one? On paper it sounds like this awesome job where you can create these awesome games that people will fall in love with and spend endless hours and days playing, and whilst this is true for the most part there are occasions when the unsavoury portion of the internet decides that their opinion is worth voicing in ways that no one should have to listen to.

The reason why I’ve decided to quickly write about this is from recent events to do with the 7.1.5 patch in World of Warcraft. Discussion about this patch has been quite heated since PTR’s came out and numbers were data mined. Every class (types of characters that you can play) has been complaining that the sky is falling and the apocalypse will be here before we know it. Now the fact is, if every class is saying this then that tells me that Blizzard are doing something right, but it’s not even the patch itself that brought out the worst in people. It was the patch notes.

“Patch notes?” I hear you say. “How can patch notes themselves cause the internet to devolve in one gigantic puddle on nonsense?” The answer to this is because when Blizzard released the patch notes, they messed up, and messed up big time. The notes were initially released with half the information missing or “Class X has had damage increased significantly”.  I’m not saying anything that will be breaking news here as Blizzard has owned up to this with one of their community managers Josh “Devolore” Allen, taking to Twitter to unreservedly apologies for their errors.

Which is very honourable I feel. Blizzard could have stayed quiet and either adjusted the notes silently or not even bothered but they decided to do what they felt was the right thing and publicly sort out the mess. Some people however were not so courteous when talking to the Warcraft Devs account or Devolore (some of them have nothing to with the patch notes)

These might seem light to some of you who read this, but I’ve picked some of the more “mellow” ones when it came to attitudes towards the devs (If I linked to the forums i’d have to give this a blog an 18 age rating). I’ve seen it in other games as well. Rift for me is a good example when changes are made.

Newsflash. No matter the game, devs aren’t trying to ruin your experience or have a vendetta against the game. They don’t release uncomplete patch notes for shits and giggles. Mistakes happen. Politely alert them (chances are they already know), and let them get on with their job. Ironically those who are quick to slam devs or community managers are the first people to start whining when they don’t get hear any feedback from the same people. Treat them with respect and let them get on with the job!

The next tweet has nothing to do with the above, but it’s a warlock crying and that’s always highly amusing. 


Was there some news about Tracer recently?

I recently posted this on Medium. Migrating over to WordPress.

If you’re into your games it would be pretty hard to have not heard of Overwatch. The FPS game that was spawned from the ashes of “Titan” has taken the game world by storm. Voted game of the year by many websites/events this is another feather in an increasingly bushy cap for the overlords at Blizzard. This however isn’t an article about the game itself, but more-so about the latest news that has spawned from Blizzard’s comic “Overwatch: Reflections”. Tracer is gay.

Before I start can I just say that if you’re offended by this development, then please smack yourself round the face with something extremely blunt. I personally think this is a fantastic thing for Blizzard to do. Many game companies claim they are all for “diversity in games”, but where many of these companies preach it, Blizzard live it.

They know full well that there will be closed-minded individuals who will look at this news in horror and declare this as another nail in the coffin for decency, but they don’t care. They want their games to represent everyone, they want anyone to feel welcome, feel like they belong and good on them.

The real genius though is the fact that I fully believe that Blizzard knew this from the get-go with Tracer. They made her front and centre of Overwatch, (“the face of Overwatch” so to speak), they made people love the character (if not the god awful fake accent) and then announced this. Did they do this as a way to “betray” their fan base? Of course not! What this does show is that it doesn’t matter what gender or sexuality someone identifies themselves as, it doesn’t matter in the slightest. What matters is that anyone can be a hero, not just the straight white man.

In the world of Overwatch and beyond, Tracer was a hero before the announcement and she’s the same hero after the announcement. For those who disagree. Deal with it.

Auto DM’s on Twitter? Meet my Unfollow button.


This is a post I had recently uploaded to the content site, Medium. 

Firstly I’d like to say here that I’m an avid Twitter fan and user. My account @Guillin has over 59,000 tweets and rising. While other people on there like to be picky with who they follow, I enjoy having a fast timeline. Don’t get me wrong, I have a prune every now and again but otherwise it remains free-flowing. There are however one set of users on there who get an automatic unfollow. The auto-DM brigade

Sending me an auto DM will make me NOT want to view your site!

I can’t stress the above more clearly! As a gamer/tech enthusiast I have a lot of people follow me who have similar interests, this however causes the wannabe “internet famous” to use automation programmes to follow you. What I tend to do next is i will check their feed and if they actually interact with others I will follow back. Problem solved? Not really.

What you normally find is that when you follow one of these accounts you will normally get an Auto DM (direct mention), asking you to follow/subscribe to their channel.

This really irks me, as I want to communicate with people. If you have the courtesy to strike up a conversation with me and than ask me to view your YouTube channel or Twitch stream then I’ll be more inclined to do so. Sending an automatic DM will just cause me to unfollow.

If you use this strategy on Twitter then have a rethink. Trust me, I’m not alone in this.

Hello and welcome!


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Image from BlizzPlanet

Well it’s 2017 now (No really it is!), and I decided that it’s a good time to properly dabble back into the blogging sphere. For those who aren’t aware (and well if you are reading this you probably are) I sometimes have one or two things to say on Twitter (Non-Discrete Plug). The problem with Twitter is despite the fact that I still think it’s totally awesome is that with 140 characters you are restricted to what you can say. Points can get lost or turn into some terrible form of English (even worse than American English!), so I’ve decided to create this place.

Guillin’s Perception will be my home for a variety of things, from opinions to reviews to even things that are really annoying me in my own life, more than likely you will find that this place will be mainly about Tech and Games, but that sounds good does it not?

Anyway I just wanted to say hello and hope to see you during 2017.